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Our mission is to help the people we work with to understand the needs, trends, and technologies of the future and ensure customer growth with meaningful products and services. We work with customers from the insurance, energy, industrial, and banking sectors, but also with smaller start-ups that directly address the future needs of ordinary consumers.

With 100+ employees in five countries, we are our customers’ best friend to face the future with. Since 2015, we have helped companies operate in a secure, digital, and sustainable way. The focus has always been on cutting-edge technologies, together with a deep understanding of the conditions and challenges of different industries – today and tomorrow.

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Full Time

Belgrade, Serbia

Posted 2 years ago

We are interested in hiring web developers at all levels of experience. Requirements below reflect the minimum experience level. Required Experience: Experience: 1+ year(s) of frontend or ba…

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We are constantly in need of creative & critical thinkers that are passionate about innovation and change.

We are looking for Project Managers, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Business Analysts, Strategists, Marketing Technology Specialists, Data Wizards, UX Designers, and more. We happily embrace diversity of any kind.

Academic qualifications and experience are good, but not necessary. If you are after a challenge and possess a strong drive – do not think twice about contacting us!