Project Description

Clean air as a service

Nederman is helping the planet breathe better with clean air as a cornerstone for sustainable production. 

About the client

Nederman has a long history of protecting the people, the planet and the products from the harmful effects of industrial pollution. 

Founded by Phillip Nederman in 1944, the company has become a pioneer in developing solutions for air pollution control inside production facilities, protecting workers’ health and improving their workplace. Today, they have the market’s most complete range of products and services to protect people and the planet from the polluting effects of industrial production. 

IoT platform for clean air 

To excel in its customer service, Nederman was aiming to develop more proactive tools and become more responsive to the upcoming challenges of deployed services amongst the IoT generation.

Another area in which they were also striving to be more agile and responsive was finding a faster, more robust and scalable way of detecting the specific moment when their equipment would be in need of additional attention and check-ups, so they could minimize downtime and cost associated with maintenance and repairs. 

By combining Nederman’s advanced sensor technology and our expertise in Internet oThings and Cloud computing – we built an interconnected IoT platform that monitors, manages & optimises the air filtration system and maintenance processes, at all times. 

Modules of the Nederman Insights platform 

The IoT platform consists of multiple modules that work in synergy to enable Nederman to completely digitalize their business & manufacturing processes.  

  • Insights – the platform provides users with valuable data on how the air filter is working but also helps to build a broader understanding of the filtration system.

  • System performance – It provides around the clock access to real-time and historical data on the system’s performance, letting the user optimise the filtration system and understand how to fully utilise it.

  • Risk managementThe platform also helps with risk management, by alerting users and ensuring quick action to prevent extended downtime and keep the workplace safe.

  • ComplianceFinally, our IoT platform helps companies meet the long term requirements for environmental compliance & sustainable production

The technology behind it

To excel in its customer service, Nederman was aiming to develop more proactive tools and become more responsive to the upcoming challenges of deployed services amongst the IoT generation. 

 To assist Nederman in finding the optimal solution, we used our firm knowledge in AWS CloudFormationCloud Watch and CloudTrail as a base, to which we added the use of AWS IoT Core along with AWS Lambda and came up with a solution upon which we could further apply the DevOps practices. 

 Once having the infrastructure established, we could easily define a CloudFormation template containing all Lambda functions and rules that are essential to be deployed in each new release of our business applications. 

 Due to our technical expertise in the AWS services – and especially IoT Core – Nederman was able to gather invaluable insights that later contributed highly to a world-class customer service and superior products.

Furthermore, by switching to serverless architecture provided by AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework – and by taking into consideration the already existing business applications – Alite International managed to reduce the operational costs while at the same time delivering a more robust, reliable and faster deployment of all functionalities. 

Nederman Insights Platform

The outcome 

The connected IoT platform transformed Nederman’s business from an air filtration manufacturer into a provider of clean air as a service as a cornerstone of sustainable production. 

  • Continuous uptime – Users can detect problems before they arise. By fixing an issue or replacing a spare part in due time, they can cut costs and avoid unplanned stops.

  • Improved maintenance – Access to historical data and ongoing control of performance data enables users to plan maintenance needs. Our experts help interpret the data and advise on settings adjustments.

  • Enhanced sustainability – With the increasing demand for sustainability, the Insights platform gives users the control of energy consumption, emissions and safety, as well as insights to support branding strategy.

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