Project Description

The social cooking app

MyGreatRecipes is helping people experience cooking together by browsing, saving, creating & sharing over 100,000 recipes with their family & friends.  

About the client

IMP, a well-established media publisher, wanted to transform its successful 40-year-long recipe publishing business in the USA into a digital community of food lovers. 

The target market was Gen X and Boomers – so we had to find a way to digitalize the hundreds of thousands of print recipes they had and make them as easy & fun to use as possible.

The social cooking app 

To address the challenge, we developed MyGreatRecipes – an Android & iOS mobile app and a website that enables foodies to search for tasty recipes, save their favourites, create new recipes and share recipes with family & friends.

We created a system that helped us quickly digitalize over 4000 paper recipes, and then sort them by categories, ingredients & diets.

The powerful search engine ranks all recipes with a unique quality review algorithm based on data from different social media. It suggests refined search groups and can filter in different categories. All recipes are presented in one unified and attractive format with HQ images & videos.

To facilitate the social aspect, the app lets users like recipes, leave reviews and ratings, as well as comment on recipes. They can also save recipe favourites from throughout the web in their profiles, create collections, and share them on Messenger or with their Facebook friends.

We also executed a complete Go-To-Market strategy including social media, SEO & content marketing, search & display ads, app store optimisation, and other channels.

The technology behind it

The app is supported by a fully scalable AWS Cloud infrastructure that ensures all instances are set to auto scale, preventing the app and the web from having any downtime of the services or change in delivery speed.

The principle idea was to start with one functionality only and then add new ones without having any implications on the existing functionalities. That’s why we used small EC2 instances for the majority of the microservices. Later on, when the user number started to increase significantly, we didn’t have any difficulties increasing the capacity of all instances and adopting a bit more powerful services.

Finally, we implemented Braze’s customer engagement platform on top to create customer segments based on real-time behaviour, and deliver highly personalised messages to them via email, in-app messages & push notifications.

Benefits of using AWS cloud infrastructure

The solution we developed enabled us to proceed with a smooth, efficient and fast development. It has also allowed us to make bigger changes in the app without affecting the significant number of users or their usage of the app at any time.

Another benefit was that on busy days – such as holidays – all the instances were set to autoscale, preventing the app and the web from having any downtime of the services or a change in delivery speed.

Ultimately, users are not experiencing downtime – whether it’s the holiday season or any other busy day – allowing them to completely enjoy their cooking routine with MyGreatRecipes.

My Great Recipes - Google Play Store & Apple App Store

The outcome 

Our goal was to help people experience cooking together by browsing, saving, creating & sharing recipes with their family & friends in an easy & fun way. 

MyGreatRecipes quickly became popular among Gen X and Boomer groups, enabling them to share their love of cooking via digital channels, connect with like-minded individuals, and enrich their everyday cooking.  

  • 4000+ digitalized recipes

  • 120,000+ signed up users
  • 30,000+ monthly active users on the web

  • 7,000+ monthly active users on the mobile apps

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